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Some Simple House Keeping

Some minor things to note about current operations.

  1. I'm no longer on Twitter or Instagram. I left earlier this year around April and while I was mildly stressed about it back then, I'm glad as hell about it now. I am on Tumblr but won't be sharing the username publicly but welcome you to follow me if you find me.
  2. The built in Newsletter on Gumroad is how I'll be keeping touch with interested folks from now on. This includes letting you know when something is sold out, when something new is in stock or there's other pertinent news.
  3. I'll be rolling out a Behind The Scenes Membership offering some time in the coming week. Sign up for the newsletter to find out when that's happening.
  4. I'm new to using this kind of shipping system so it means that I'll be changing up what and how I'm offering certain stuff to make sure that shipping doesn't unnecessarily stack up.

And thats it. Thanks for reading and peace out

The New Chapter

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