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The New Chapter

This, I have to admit, is a weird post to make for an intro. I feel a lot like the start of this journey is awfully bittersweet. It's not something that I'm doing out of excitement. If I were to be completely honest, I'm actually pretty terrified! This is a step that I'm taking in a lot of ways out of necessity. After losing my job in 2020, I've spent the last (exactly) two years trying to find a new job. It's been perilous and daunting. The entire process of trying to find new work has been completely overwhelming. No matter where I turned, it's like I either got there too late or I just wasn't quite the right fit. When I was younger I would have kept on keeping on but I'm not that young anymore, and I've got a lot of responsibilities to take care of so it seems as though the only option is to face my fears - committing to this journey of independently publishing entirely.

Aanndd I gotta say that yeah, I'm pretty scared. While I'm not entirely new to this world, my time spent in the official publishing world wasn't great. My previous publisher undervalued me and my work until the day I left, the space occupied by my peers was horrifically toxic to the point that for my mental health I simply could not keep up, and the demand of work production vs. what I was capable of was just far too great for me to keep up in any way.

All of this has led me here and this wasn't the kind of start that I'd expect. My usual attitude towards a new beginning is to bring out the confetti and throw a party. Not write a rather morose note filled with worry and anxiety, but that's life right now and I'm really not good at lying.

So if you're reading this - thanks. Thank you for taking the time to check out what I do, thank you for taking the time to consider supporting me, and thank you - if you so choose - to follow along as I move forward.

I have a lot of stories that I'm looking forward to being able to share! Even though this isn't the most positive start, I hope that as this new chapter progresses and develops that there'll be plenty of opportunities to celebrate.

As the old idiom goes - Onward and Upward.

Thanks so much for reading and Stay Magical


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